Russian fire equipment

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Armament and equipment of firemen Russia

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↖ with inlying Firemans hoses (sleeve) by the gidroisolation Geteks layer Ø 25 to 125 mm. In the fire guard are widely used only pressure sleeve Ø 51 and 77mm.→

handles Trunk ← The firemans trunk is hand aquatic for short it is accepted to name Ø

спрыска 51 mm - Letter «B», а Ø 77mm - Letter «А».

Foams trunk

The trunk is air-foamy for the serve in the hearth of fire of suds middle divisible.→

←Gidroelevator G-600 serves for the fence of water from shallow reservoirs and collection of the superfluously spilled water on fire.

Column fire The column fire, serves for the fence of water from underground hydrant. →

Forks sleeve
← Forks sleeve threechannels RT-70-70 and RT-80-80 for the division of thread and adjusting of quantity of passing water orsolution of sudsformed, serve of water from arterial in the working sleeves line

Group Lantern
← Lanterns the firemen are intended for illumination of path of the following at motion of battle computation, during the reconnoitre in the black-out apartments, and also illuminations of place of work on fire

Vehicle respiratory The respiratory vehicles with the compressed air are intended for defence of organs of breathing and sight from influences useless for breathing of toxic and gas begun to smoke environments at extinguishing fires and liquidation of failures. Respiratory vehicle with by the compressed air is an insulating reservoir vehicle, in which all supply air is kept in bulbs in the compressed state. Inhalation is carried out from bulbs, and exhalation – in atmosphere

A stair assault
← A stair assault is a stair hand fire,structurally consisting of two parallel bow-strings hardly united by the transversal supporting steps, and equipped by hook for pendant on supporting surface. Is a member of firemans-technical armaments fire car. Is used in the fire parts and subdivisions civil defensive for the fight with the hearths of fire and implementations of rescue works on heights, for getting up on the floors of building through windows.

Stair sliding A stair sliding is a stair hand fire, structurally consisting of a few parallel linked knees and equipped by the mechanical device of moving of them relatively friend friend in the axial direction with the target of adjusting of it lengths. Counting of knees out is conducted from overhead. The stair is fire hand threeknee metallic is intended for getting of personnel of fire parts up on second and third floors, garrets and roofs of building, for work inwardly apartments (in halls) at fires; and also for Studies-traininggetting busy. →

Sleeves waterсollectors

← Sleeves waterсollectors still they are named by "trousers", are intended for collection of water from two fire sleeves and cart it in fire-pump.

Rope rescue

The rope fire rescue ordinary execution (VPS) is intended for pulling through men, rescueself and insurances of the fires fire at extinguishing and related to them alarm-rescue works, and also at training of firemen

Rope heat-resistant ← The heat-resistant fire rope (TPV) is intended for implementation of alarm-rescue works at extinguishing fires in areas possible influence on it of the opened flame and high temperatures

Wireless radiostation carried Wireless radiostations carried - are intended for organization mobile duty radio contact on fire →

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